We develop sustainable and measurable sales strategies and improve the interaction of the 3 most important factors for your company's success.

01 Vision



To achieve this, we develop individual sales solutions that are effective & measurable.

We quickly recognise opportunities for positive change and transform them directly into market-relevant sales approaches. And, because we don’t know and can’t do it any other way: 100% practice-oriented and measurable.

Green is the new red!

Or in short: rolling out the green carpet for customers. Sustainability is the basis and guarantor of success for future brand and shopping experiences.

For this purpose, Green Carpet develops individual sales solutions, uses the potential of the brand in the appropriate sales environment and thus enables long-term, responsible growth.

02 Range of services

Develop sustainable sales strategies


Optimising your sales performance


Tools for process and system optimisation


Effective leadership and employee development


03 Service portfolio

Brand manufacturers

Systematic future design, perfect synergies of brand, assortment and specialised trade offer customers valuable shopping experiences:

Regardless of online or offline retailing, good selling only works through the best possible product solution (manufacturer), the appropriate staging and product presentation suitable for the target group (brand) and sales via the appropriate channel (retail).

Too often, the effective interaction is underestimated. Instead of strong cooperation, individual thinking reigns. The result: the customer is no longer in focus and valuable contacts, opportunities and interfaces remain unused.

Instead of satisfied customers and growing profits, dissatisfaction and actionism prevail.

This is exactly where Green Carpet comes in with its know-how!

Greencarpet's know-how is exactly dispositing here!

Which strengths that make up your company can be developed even more?

Which weak points should be pushed into the background or solved?

How can your sales activities be transformed into a coherent concept that is derived from the strong corporate values?

How it works

Green Carpet develops individual sales solutions and uses the potential of the brand in the appropriate sales environment – this is how sustainable growth is created. For this purpose, we develop individual solutions adapted to the requirements of the respective market. Whether a selective distribution system tailored to specialist retailers or an omni-channel strategy with a focus on B2C online business, we recognise opportunities and create individualised distribution solutions for your brand products.

Green is the new red! Because there is only one basis for future brand and shopping experiences: sustainability.

The goal is to roll out the green carpet for the customer. So when it comes to systematically shaping the future and perfect synergies of specialised trade, assortment, brand and valuable shopping experience.

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04 About us

Every customer today deserves to be rolled out the red carpet;
green is the new red!

– Maren Speckmann-Munz –

It is not our job to predict the future, but to be well prepared for it


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